Creel Caps and Adapters

Creel caps and adapters are used to optimize the efficiency of removing yarn from the supply package in the creel.

Creel Caps and Adapters

Creel Caps:


Creel caps offer a smooth, defect-free rim to protect the yarn from damage in the process of supplying yarn off the tube into the subsequent processing. Cardboard yarn tubes often incur damage, which can break the yarn filaments as the supply package diameter decreases from doffing. These caps reduce the likelihood of yarn breakage, which results in less yarn waste.

Creel Adapters:

Creel Adapters Products

Creel adapters help hold a yarn supply package properly in the creel. Misaligned packages, or packages too loose on the creel pin, can result in yarn breakage and tension problems. These are available in most standard yarn tube sizes (75mm, 94mm, 110mm), and in some cases can be custom machined for specific needs.