Yarn Tensioning Devices

We offer a wide range of yarn tensors to apply proper tension to yarn or wire. With stable and controlled tension, the yarn quality will improve throughout any subsequent processing.
Replacement components are available for most of these tensioners, allowing them to have a longer product lifespan without the need for complete unit replacement.

Spring Tensors:

Spring tensors are one of the most basic and fundamental types of yarn tensioners. Tension is generated using the force of a conical spring as it pushes on the discs where the yarn travels through.

Washer Tensors:

Washer tensors use the weight of the tension disc (and any washer style weights) to apply a measurable amount of tension to the yarn.

Yarn Tensioning Devices Products

Gate and Storage Tensors:

Gate tensors apply tension through springs or weight, where the yarn travels over and under the ceramic surfaces of the gates or fingers. This method of tension helps to stabilize ‘chatter’ within the yarn.
Storage tensors use a spring armature with eyelets, which also allows the tensioner to remove some slack in the yarn (usually caused from surges due to the ballooning of the yarn as it exits the supply package in the creel).

Hysteresis Tensors:

Hysteresis tensors use magnetic resistance to rotation to apply tension to the yarn as it travels around the central wheel unit of the device. These premium tensioners are very gentle to the yarn; when the proper surface is utilized it results in less fiber damage.